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Bill KerrsBill Kerr's Fireplace and Patio Shop ( is another new site in the Web-JIVE family!  Bill Kerr's is a producer of exquisite gas log systems, who has been in business for over 25 years, serving the Little Rock area.  Web-JIVE created this site to inform potential customers of how to pick the products they want even before they head to the store.  The site includes an online shop with pictures that are tremendously helpful.  Those interested in different log design and textures will enjoy seeing the photos.  This makes it easier to decide what it is they want.

The people at Bill Kerr's understand that customers know who they want to buy from and they work to provide their customers with quality products, professional customer service, and industry expertise!  They have a great website full of helpful information on the product.  Bill Kerr's is passionate about offering the best to their customers, so check them out today!!!

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Diane Crowder Designs is a new site from Web-JiveDiane Crowder's new site ( is unique vision created by Web-JIVE for interior design artist, Diane Crowder. Web-jive utilized a portfolio tool that allows Diane the freedom to display her work, adding new designs to the site, and updating her information as needed.

As a designer, Diane has more than 20 years experience helping her clients achieve their dream spaces. Her extensive travel throughout Europe and the U.S. has helped Diane deliver the best designs to her clientele. Whether it’s home, office, or outdoor areas needing visionary design, Diane can take your dream spaces and make them a reality. Check out her site, and see what she's done for her clients!

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Total Outreach for Christ is a wonderful new site by Web-JiveTotal Outreach for Christ ( is another great site built by Web-JIVE and is both information driven and interactive for visitors.  Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas and founded by Robert E. Smith, Sr., Bishop, this church, this outreach center, is totally committed to reaching the world for Christ.

The Total Outreach site utilizes many tools in order to create and maintain it's content, offer purchasable materials to visitors, and provide a calendar that keeps a current listing of events. offers it all; inspiring messages of hope, available eBooks, tapes, and videos, an informative event calendar which lists the many outreach programs offered and web links to other spirit-filled ministry sites.

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Another new site, designed and developed by Web-JIVE, is  

Penny Martin is a freelance writer, who works with businesses who wish to create and/or update brochures and sales literature.  Her copy editing services help her clients present the best possible products for their businesses.  Penny also does project research,  ghost-writing and resume package creation.  With more than 20 years of writing experience, she brings her customers a level of expertise and professionalism that really shows in her work! 

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Well, it's been a very busy month here at Web-JIVE and we would like to introduce the Freeliance website.  Freeliance is a local business league for the creative talen industry in the State of Arkansas. Freeliance recently received it's non-profit status and is seeking new members for the league. If your interested in what Feeliance is about, check out their cool wesite!

Freeliance Arkansas Web Design

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