Webmail access on the new server

This is just a quick update regarding last weeks email about our new server purchsae/migration.

Last weeks announcement: http://www.web-jive.com/web-jive-blogs/merry-christmas-and-happy-new-year.html

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First, we would like to extend a BIG 'Thank You' to all of our fantastic clients!

To say thank you, we bit the bullet and procured a faster, bigger, better, jumps-higher server for 2016 and beyond...

Even though the existing web/email server continues to serve us well, we wanted to take this opportunity upgrade your customers experience. According to Google data, faster website loads are the key to prospect and customer mobile website retention/conversions. The reason we call out mobile is because Google now ranks mobile and desktop sites differently, as of late September 2016.

Google's analytics show that mobile browsing now surpasses global desktop usage. As of September 23rd, Google also directs all search queries to use their new AI (artificial intellegence) engine for searches. What this means is that Google searches are now smarter (can't be fooled as easily), and looks for 'local' businesses first, then presents other/national franchises after that. This is fantastic news for local Arkansas businesses out there!

Big corporations have been given the spotlight for too long, when it comes to organic SEO rankings on Google. This now levels the playing field for all of us. 

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A client emailed us today with article links discussing the new SSL Heartbleed bug/flaw. Some of us may not know what the term SSL means. It's important to understand the basics and what Web-JIVE has done to make sure your data is safe!

To obvious question for some is, what is SSL?  SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. What SSL does for every person using the internet is, encrypt all your communications from the device your on when needed. This SSL encryption protects sensitive information like passwords, credit card information, and other personal information being transmitted over the internet. Your desktop computer and personal devices use it all the time.

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RRiceRebecca Rice & Associates (www.rebeccarice.net) is a site which was created and designed by Web-JIVE and Creative Instinct.  This company is in the business of "helping clients manage money efficiently while creating maximum wealth". 

Rebecca Rice & Associates has a combined     years of Financial Management and Investment experience, which has allowed her to help families, professionals, and churches/non-profit organizations define and achieve their financial goals.  Her customers have been able to build investment protfolios and manage debt, while learning about the Infinite Banking concept.

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One of the great things about working in the web industry is all of the great companies that it gives me the opportunity to work with.  Speaking of which...go check out a really great product at mulchstik.com.  This stuff is great for anyone who need to keep their garden mulch where they want it.  It's a totally green product and it forms a matrix of your mulch that allows water and nutrients to reach your plants.  Awesome stuff... go check it out!

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