It's been an good first quarter for us with new business, and freshly forged partnerships. Unfortunately, some not so good with attrition.

Attrition is natural for any business and, attrition seriously. We reassess the relationship and wonder, is there anything we could have done better?

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razorrock_logoLast night provided a fun opportunity for us to celebrate RazorRock Week in North Little Rock's Argenta Arts District!  We were able to make some new friends, sample some great beverages, listen to some fantastic music, and tell everyone about some of Web-JIVE's new products and services!

We are so excited about the new JumpStart product, which allows you to have a business class site with unlimited content for as little as $69 a month!  There's also a business class e-commerce site with unlimited products and categories, and many other features, for as little as $79 a month!  Both JumpStart products utilize the same award winning Joomla!® CMS as our custom designed sites.

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At Web-JIVE, we listen to our customers requests, and two requests have been consistent, a newsletter and blogging services. Well, we listened, we developed and now we're announcing them!

Web-JIVE Does Blogging!

Do you want to rank well in the search engine result pages? Let Web-JIVE create a professional, customized web blog that reflects the branding for your business while keeping your online marketing current, relevant, and searchable!
Blogs are one  great way to get Google to index your site more frequently, which in turn helps your organic rankings. We can make sure a blog is added to your website every month, week, or more often if you require. We will set up your blog (if you don't have one already), create content (usually 250 plus words) and publish it to the web.

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blankEveryday, business owners like yourself ask; what can I do to drive more traffic to my website?

A couple of effective ways of driving more traffic to your website is through Email/Newsletter Marketing campaigns and Blogs. The great thing about blogs are, they can be converted into an email newsletter campaign without much additional effort and cost.

At Web-JIVE, we answer SEO questions on a daily basis for our clients. Along with a good SEO strategy,blogging and email campaigns are effective marketing tools, when it comes to getting measurable results. This is why we use them as well.

Some blogging tips:

When drafting content for your website blog and newsletter, remember to provide information people will find valuable. For instance, if you sell products, include how-to information along with a coupon to bring people back to the website.

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facebookIn most cases, people tend to use their Facebook accounts for either personal or business use, but not both. However, in some instances - like a one-person business -  it can be effective to combine the two, with a little help from Facebook’s privacy features.

To distinguish between personal and business use, one approach would be to assign a Limited Profile setting to business contacts to control what they can (and cannot) see in your profile.  And always bear in mind when you do anything in Facebook, a prospect or client might see it, even if they shouldn’t have access to it. You just never know what might spill over.

Here are a few notes on creating an effective profile for business and personal use.

Use your full name -- Many women use a version with their maiden name, because some people knew them only by that name. If you’ve used other names, try to fit them in somewhere logical, such as your “Info” tab.

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