Company Directory is a tool that allows site users and visitors information for departments and/or individuals at your company.  Directory tools often allow the user to organize and update information from the site.  Many tools allow creation of dedicated lists of employees, members, teams or groups.  Some sites may wish to control the amount of information available through custom field selection.  Other sites allow access to directory information only to registered users.

There are many different applications for a Company Directory tool, one of which could help you reach out to your users and visitors! Want to get started now? Web-JIVE‘s system have a basic directory system already embedded. To get started with developing a directory, login to your website admin panel, then locate and click the Contacts component.  From there, fill out the fields you want people to see then create a menu link to the Contact component and there you have it.  You can also use a standard Article to create easy to use directories.

Give Web-JIVE a call today, to discuss your needs and the large number of company directory options out there!