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Does your website look dated compared to others?

Do you have to pinch and zoom to read the words on your website?

WebJIVE can help! We have been building professional eye-catching websites for over 15 years. Get an updated responsive website today.

Don’t let an old website design hold your company back

In today’s online landscape, customers use the internet and business websites more than ever before. Selecting a credible web design company to trust with your project is not an easy task. We develop mobile responsive, cost-effective, and user-friendly websites for companies across the globe. We are passionate about helping businesses establish or improve their image and web presence.

Everyone has the same first question, how much does a website cost? This depends on many factors such as:

  • Do you have any special features you want like online forms?
  • Is this a cart or shopping site?
  • Do you want SEO services with your website?
  • Do you want our professionals to create the website content?
  • Is there a content management system you prefer (i.e. CMS)?
  • Do you have some special programming requirements?
  • Do you need fast and secure hosting?
  • Do you have a domain (URL) yet?

These questions and more can be answered with a quick and easy phone interview.

Our website design specialists have the creativity, and expertise to provide integral web marketing solutions. When you are ready to get your business online, we are ready to help.

Professional Web Design

Utilizing best of breed SEO practices with our industry-leading web design knowledge, we will deliver a valuable online representation of your brand identity that stands out, while also being mobile responsive. WebJIVE employs locally skilled designers, and everyone on our team has years of experience in interactive technologies.

We offer turnkey websites, website hosting, custom web applications development, as well as local SEO services. We offer various levels of design and development depending on your requirements…

Our professional staff manages your project from concept to launch. We have developed a methodical approach to web design and web application solutions.

Best Web designers in Little Rock
Best Web designers in Little Rock
Best Web designers in Little Rock

Let us know the best date/time to reach you! We're excited to help with  SEO and Website needs.

Seo Agency Columbus Oh

Article provided by: Digital Flashpoint

Seo Agency Columbus Oh

Seo Agency Columbus Oh

Since people are so reliant on search engines for finding local businesses, you might as well be visible if you don’t show up on results. Building up a presence takes time and money, which is why hiring a competent SEO agency will streamline the process. Of course, you should only hire a company that knows what they’re doing as there are a lot of charlatans out there.

Why hire an SEO agency?

If you have a freshly launched website or an old business site that lags behind, you can either do the work yourself or hire someone else. The reason why an SEO agency in Columbus oh exists is that businesses would rather not spend the time trying to rank for competitive keywords. It’s about trading money to save time rather than these agencies doing special tricks.

Facing facts, SEO is an expensive game to play and there is lots of profit at stake for businesses. Link audits are a big part of it nowadays since building bad links will drop a rink really fast. The time it takes for backlink building is also time-consuming that lots of freelancers may have to be hired.

It is also useful to have an SEO agency in Columbus oh that’s experienced in modern methods of SEO so they don’t end up building a scheme that penalizes your website. If you end up with a manual or automatic penalty, it is quite hard to get rid of it. With a penalty, the traffic and potential customers disappear completely.

Also, imagine being de-indexed by Google for a few bad mistakes. Aside from traffic, it would be bad for your brand if nobody can find your website online. A domain name would completely lose its value being on a blacklist.

How should we create content for SEO?

SEO content should no longer be considered pages of keyword-rich spam in order to trick Google into favoring your website. Any page that targets keywords and optimizes the title, meta description, and other fine details can be considered SEO optimized content.

First of all, Google now favors thorough and lengthy content over a few paragraphs as keyword competition is getting rougher. The idea is to create content that fully satisfies user intent so people don’t bounce from your page and look for others. In fact, Google even measures how quickly users go back from your page and uses it as a determining factor to drop you to the second page.

If you are looking to create content from scratch, keyword research should be done beforehand so you create targeted content instead of trying to patch old pieces of content. There are free and paid keyword tools to let you know the levels of competition and search volumes to determine if a keyword is even worth pursuing.

Optimizing your website so it’s indexed and ranked is a daunting process that’s probably better off in the hands of professionals. If you need help obtaining an online presence, give us a call for a consultation.

Seo Agency Columbus Oh
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Seo Agency Columbus Oh Seo Agency Columbus Oh Seo Agency Columbus Oh