Your Site Content … Is it Current?

by | Feb 22, 2010 | Website Deisgn

Today’s world wide web houses an estimated 23 billion websites, with some 47 million new sites added in 2009!  So, how do you keep your website from fading into the background as all these new sites come online?  The answer is New, Current, and Relevent Content!  As a WebJIVE customer, you have a system at your disposal that allows easy updates that you can make as often as you like.

One of the many keys to a site’s success is the availability of new information.  Old, outdated information on your site will stand out and be quite obvious to new visitors, while it’s so easy for you – the owner – to overlook.  Some sites require changes and update daily, and others may only require weekly or monthly changes.

One easy way to keep track of a site’s need for changes is to simply set a certain schedule for regular updates – based on the content of the site.  A regular routine for performing this task will help you ensure that your site has current, relevant information and will always provide what your existing and potential customers need…when they need it.

New content also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from a search engine.  Typically, the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

As a Web-JIVE customer, you possess the tools that will allow you to update your site’s content as often as you see fit.  Web-JIVE’s Content Management System provides you with the tools required, and we are always here to assist if you desire!

New for 2010, Web-JIVE is offering Content Updating Services to assist our customers in keeping their sites up-to-date and at their very best!  This service allows you the freedom to do your daily business and leave website updates to us!  Contact us today, to discuss this new service and how we can help you and your business!

Eric Caldwell

Eric Caldwell is the owner and CEO of WebJIVE, a leading digital marketing agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Eric has become a seasoned expert in web design, SEO, and other digital marketing services.