Direct Mail Maine

Direct Mail Maine

The first record of a direct mail marketing was in 1000BC, in Egypt. The owner advertised an excellent reward for the reclamation of lost property. There are many other direct mail marketing examples from ancient civilizations like Babylon.

Today’s businesses are quick to dismiss direct marketing because of the heavy influence toward digital schemes. Direct mail is a better solution if you want measurable solutions that are easy to track. The trick is to work with a publishing firm that will increase the chances of retaining customers and increasing sales. Does direct mail still work?

What is direct marketing?

The marketing delivers flyers, catalogs, postcards, and other publications to the prospect’s physical mailbox via the postal service. Our job is to include content that identifies your business and offers a call to action and contact channels. One survey states that using printing and direct mail to grow your business presents benefits you do not expect with standard direct mail in Maine. What is direct mail used for?

Why do businesses still use direct mail marketing?


Customers decide to interact with your business after handling and inspecting it with their eyes and hands. A promotional offer or coupon is a neat way of urging the client to interact with your business. They are likely to keep pretty publishing and add it among the display publications in their lounge or dining space.


A letter in the mail evokes nostalgia and sparks an intense emotional response. The marketing stirs a buying potential because it is impossible for the receiver to miss the message of the content. Contrastingly, small gestures like mentioning the name of the receiver is an efficient way of adding a touch of connectivity in the interaction.

Extensive reach

Direct mail will quickly seep into another demography, whereas the electronic mail will always end up in the trash bin. The marketing makes more people potential clients because clients are less likely to miss an outstanding paper presentation on the lobby table.

Creativity options

Direct mail and digital marketing have a seamless content marketing system. We can include a barcode system that leads receivers to a YouTube video or social media page that explains your products and businesses. Increased awareness of your brand and a direct link to the product’s page is highly likely to increase sales than leaving prospects to find you on Amazon.

Minimal competition

Companies have a massive migration to digital forums. The truth is that your business has the highest chance of exposure when you hire Maine Publishing to create colorful and creative content. You have better odds of standing out in the crowd that your website

does among legendary predecessor brands.


Plenty of direct mail marketing tools allow you to track the progress of the campaign. While the process is not fully automatic, it can enable you to create specific landing pages with a unique URL or a particular phone and address for your direct marketing target audience.

Maine direct mail is one of the most flexible marketing strategies for your business. Your small firm will benefit from using these schemes to rattle an undiscovered market section. Contact us on 207-409-8445 to learn how we will help you integrate direct mail in Maine into your business.

Direct Mail Maine