WebJIVE Citation Service

With the rise of Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and a slew of local mobile apps, what used to be an afterthought is now becoming one of the basics of a good local marketing plan. At a minimum, given the complexity of how local data makes its way throughout the web, making sure each of your locations has the right info has become a critical component of local brand management.

Our PowerListings service lets you control your company listings across 100+ global partners, including Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and Yelp and more. Our PowerListing service will ensure your location inforation is correct and consistent with 50+ services and aggregators.

Get started today with WebJIVE PowerListings today and regain control of your inforation. Use our free listing scan system to find out how your business is represented across 50+ services and data aggregation service providers.

What is Duplicate Suppresson?

  • Automatic Duplicate Detection – Upon your command, activate proprietary technology that automatically identifies the listings to suppress from the listings to optimize.
  • Unlimited Suppression – Suppress all the duplicate listings for all your locations. Because we believe complete should mean complete.
  • Publisher-Level Suppression – There are many ways duplicate listings get created, but only one way to solve it before reaching customers, and that’s at the publishers themselves. We work directly with 45 publishers to ensure your duplicates are suppressed correctly and effectively.
  • Suppression Status & Verification – Suppressing duplicates requires an on-going signal to the publisher. Our proprietary API connections let us constantly share this info and notifies you with the status of your duplicates.
  • Duplicate Redirects – Redirect traffic from your duplicate listings to a root listing, preserving your hard-earned SEO and listing traffic.