Blogging tips for your business... | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreBlogging on your website is a great way to add fresh content while keeping viewers engaged in your business.  Web-JIVE customers are provided with several choices they can use as their blogging tool.  Give us a call today to discuss your options and ability to start blogging on your site!

Here are a few good tips to consider when blogging on your site.

Make your blog posts interesting and thought provoking.  Be unique.  What makes your blog stand out? Why should people read your blog rather than the others in your niche? People can read more than one blog, but being original is the best way to stand out in someone’s memory. This means writing original content, having an original focus (possibly a well-known niche, but with a twist?), and giving your readers something to be interested in every time you post.

Use a strong opening comment.  Readers usually decide if they want to read the material by the end of the first sentence. Once you’ve grabbed their attention with the headline or title, you have to keep their attention with a strong introduction.

Keep it Simple.  This doesn’t mean you can’t use technical language, just make sure your readers can understand it. Clarify and reinforce the information.

Use vivid words and descriptions.  If possible, bring the reader’s senses into play.  If you can give them something more than words on the screen, you will have their interest. Help them see it, smell it, feel it.  Whatever sense you can invoke with the reader make it more interesting for them.

Add variety.  Shake it up every once in awhile and have fun. If you break out of your normal shell, you will entertain your audience.

End with a firm statement.  Leave the readers with a clear message. Make sure that message is stated again in the end to reinforce its importance.

Open strong. Finish strong. Have a good time and give great information in between.