For those of you who missed it, we had a great seminar this week on why it’s important to develop a marketing plan for social networking (i.e. The Web 2.0).  We shared a lot of information, answered some great questions on why this is “must do”, and why it shouldn’t be an “optional” component of your 2010 and beyond marketing plans.

The web is evolving daily and so is the way we interact with one another via the web.  Take for instance, this week, Facebook held what’s called their F8 conference. What web developers and Facebook integrators learned is that Facebook is opening their platform up, even more, making it easier than ever to integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and others!  We also learned the number of new Facebook and Twitter users is growing exponentially monthly, not annually.

The impact of web semantics for business is staggering when you consider the impact Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have on the way we interact now and will be in the future with customers and prospects.

The seminar was such a success that, we’re going to open it up to the general public this summer so, if you missed this round, there will be another free seminar for you to attend.

We did have a takeaway from this seminar for those interested in desktop applications that help you manage the tidal wave of information being generated by these social networking sites. The question was, how can we better manage all these sites without having to keep browser windows open for every one of them?

Based on that feedback, we dug into our past and pulled out what we consider are the two best in class tools to help you manage your multiple Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds.

For Windows (and optionally Mac) users, our recommendation is the Yoono client.  This is an Adobe Flash-based product that does an excellent job with managing updates from the various networks and even posting to them. To find out more about this product, just visit

Now, for the Mac users in the audience, we would recommend the excellent application, Socialite. Socialite is our favorite here at Web-JIVE central where we have a staff of Mac computers, turning out websites daily. Socialite is a great all-in-one tool for managing Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.  If we weren’t using Socialite, we would be using Yoono.

So, there you have it. Recommendations for a couple of great tools to manage your social activities in one place instead of bouncing from website to website.

For those looking for great training and self-help materials on using Facebook, Twitter and others, visit is a GREAT website containing 100’s of online training videos for various applications and more!