How can a Voting Poll help your site? | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreVoting polls allow you to solicit feedback from site visitors regarding any number of subjects.  Web-JIVE sites contain a standard Voting Poll tool that can be set up and maintained with ease.   A Voting Poll can allow you to ask for feedback on a current news story, or a specific product or service you offer or could offer in the future. 

Customer opinion is a valuable tool when you are promoting your business.  Thinking about adding a product line or new service to your venue?  Ask if there’s an interest.  Curious about an item in the news, and how it affects your clients?  Ask about it.  Wanna know how site visitors use your site, or if they have suggestions for change?  How about asking for feedback on your company’s level of customer service or product quality?  The possibilities are endless!