Film_Frame1Image galleries provide a great opportunity for you, the business owner, to showcase your work for site visitors.  They provide real examples of work you have produced and give potential clients concrete evidence of your capabilities and a glimpse of what you could potentially do for them.  As a Web-JIVE customer, you have various tools available to you that will allow you to showcase your work in a gallery. 

Just like the rest of your Web-JIVE site, the image gallery tools available will allow you to change the content, upload new photos, re-organize existing images, and delete items as often as you like.  And as always, this all happens real time. 

Think of the added value your website will provide for your business if you can show others examples of the successful projects you have already completed.  Galleries provide potential customers with the ability to visualize what you can do for them.  Statistics show that websites with images of their products and/or services hold a visitors interest longer than simple text.  And when a customer can put an image with your company information in their mind, they are more likely to retain that information when it is time to make a purchase.  The simple fact is, almost any business which delivers a tangible product can likely benefit from the use of a gallery tool on their site.  If you would like more information, or to discuss the potential that a gallery can provide for you, please feel free to give us a call!