As business owners, one of the first things we often do is forget to promote our website like we do other areas of our business.   In order to attract potential customers and ultimately sell your products or services, your website URL needs to be on every promotional tool you use.

Business cards, flyers, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, and all other forms of print media should include your URL.  Yellow page listings, billboards, and newspaper and magazine ads should too.  Be sure to include your URL on promotional items like pens, coffee mugs, and mouse pads.  The more a consumer sees your web address, the more likely they are to remember it and check it out when they are shopping for your product or service.  Another thing this exposure helps with is word-of-mouth business, the best kind.

If your business involves a storefront operation or offices with signage, it is critical that your URL is displayed clearly inside and outside, if possible.  Car wraps and/or magnetic signs are also valuable tools for a small business.  Your vehicle will become a rolling billboard!

Don’t forget your press releases!  These should have the URL so the journalist can refer to your website for more information.

Then there are the less obvious, but very effective, items like packing materials.  Shipping envelopes and boxes, packing tape used to seal them, and even the inside packing materials can have your company logo and website address on it. You’d be surprised what catches a person’s eye!