Our Blog Services

Do you want to rank well in the search engine result pages? Let Web-JIVE create a professional, customized web blog that reflects the branding for your business while keeping your online marketing current, relevant, and searchable!

Blogs are one  great way to get Google to index your site more frequently, which in turn helps your organic rankings. We can make sure a blog is added to your website every month, week, or more often if you require. We will set up your blog (if you don’t have one already), create content (usually 250 plus words) and publish it to the web.

The blog will then be checked by an automated Google SEO ranking tool on a scale of 1-100 for SEO optimization. Our targeted goal is a score of 85 but, we often obtain a score of 100.

Included, promoting your information via Twitter and Facebook.

We can also set up your Twitter and Facebook account (if you don’t already have one), then create and post a “tweet” (Twitter) and “share” (Facebook) every time we publish your blog.  Each ‘tweet” and “share” will be based on the content of the most current blog we created for you. Give us a call about setting up your Twitter or Facebook accounts at 501-588-1979.

So how much will it cost?

This complete service is only $99 per month. It includes content creation and posting to your website once a month. Plus, you will have the ability to update your blogs as well.  You will also have the ability to choose the subject matter while we do the writing!

If you prefer more frequent postings to your blog, we can do:

  • 2 postings for just $159 per month, plus posting to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Or weekly posts for only $239 per month, plus posting to your Twitter and Facebook

Special prepay discounts available.

  • Prepay for 6 months save an additional 10%!
  • Prepay for 12 months and save 20%!

One time Blogs can be created for $125 each.