Utilizing blogs to update and promote your site | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreAs a Web-JIVE customer, you have many tools and applications at your disposal that can help you keep your site dynamic and current.  These tools allow you to advertise upcoming events, discuss issues and news specific to your business, announce specials, and post examples of products and/or work performed so potential customers can see what you offer.  This is just a small sampling of the tools available to you!  We will cover some of these tools, in depth, in upcoming blogs.

Lets start with blogging.  Blogs are becoming one of the most popular tools that companies are utilizing to promote their name and products/services.  As a customer of Web-JIVE, you have a basic blogging tool included with your site. 

This tool requires you to log in to the back end of the site to add content or make changes of any kind.  But with our add-on blogging tool, it is much easier to manage and update a blog.  This tool lets you add content from the front end (does not require login to the back end) and control the tool like a true blog. 

Blogging can include specific information about products, general news in your field that site visitors might like to know, announcements pertaining to your company and changes that you want to advertise, or even discussion on issues and concerns that pertain to your field.  The key is to make them current and interesting.  If a customer is interested in the information they see in the blog, they will likely return to the site to obtain updates on that subject and even discover other items of interest.  The goal is to become (and remain) in a customer’s – or potential customer’s – memory.