Bill KerrsBill Kerr’s Fireplace and Patio Shop is another new site in the Web-JIVE family!

Bill Kerr’s is a producer of exquisite gas log systems, who has been in business for over 25 years, serving the Little Rock area.  Web-JIVE created this site to inform potential customers of how to pick the products they want even before they head to the store.  The site includes an online shop with pictures that are tremendously helpful.  Those interested in different log design and textures will enjoy seeing the photos.  This makes it easier to decide what it is they want.

The people at Bill Kerr’s understand that customers know who they want to buy from and they work to provide their customers with quality products, professional customer service, and industry expertise!  They have a great website full of helpful information on the product.  Bill Kerr’s is passionate about offering the best to their customers, so check them out today!!!

Give them a call today at 501-224-9092