This is just an update to notify everyone that we have made adjustments to our billing system. The adjustments carried out last week were to have the system now notify you, 15 days in advance of your next invoice “Due date”.

For clients who have elected to store their credit card on the system for payment convenience, the new email notice will let you know we will be “auto-charging” your card as normal on the standard due dates so, don’t be alarmed when you get the email.  Your normal billing cycle still applies.

For clients who pay by check annually or monthly, you will also receive this notice but, the payment due notice will now be 2 weeks prior to the actual “Due date”. Your actual due date and billing cycle will not change. đŸ™‚

This is an adjustment we have been wanting to make for a while per customer request, we just needed some time to test it prior to implementing the change.

I hope this clarifies the purpose of the new additional billing email and, that it will help clarify actual due dates vs. having the terms of “Due upon receipt”.

Thank you again for your business!

Eric Caldwell