Booth Med HeaderBooth Medical Equipment ( is a long time client of and was recently upgraded to the most current version of Joomla!® with the upgraded shopping cart tool, Virtuemart.  More than 20 years ago, this small company wanted a website, so they attended a web course for beginners that utilized FrontPage and they were off and running.
Booth Medical grew and it didn’t take them long before they outgrew this ‘home-spun’ website.  Someone recommended Eric Caldwell and Web-Jive and after working together on what they wanted in design, Web-Jive got them up and moving forward again.

Michelle Booth has been providing new and pre-owned medical equipment to hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, EMS and veterinarian clinics since 1986 and their knowledgeable staff provide top customer service.  Their business has grown into one of the top distributors in the country.

“There are hurdles, but that’s business.  Eric Caldwell of has been an awesome partner.  As a web design company, Web-Jive was there with us at every turn in our business providing around the clock service,” says Michelle.  “I would highly recommend them for anyone beginning their web presence or mid-size companies needing a terrific upgrade from what they’ve been using.”

“As far as the Joomla!® software goes, it has some terrific features.  My favorite has been the inquiry page where potential customers can ask questions about a certain product, and we receive their question in an email with the link of the product they are referring to.”  Michelle adds, “The software is a Google magnet!  Our rankings in Google’s keyword search spiked and I believe Joomla!® and Web-Jive were key.”