New Services

At Web-JIVE, we listen to our customers requests, and two requests have been consistent, a newsletter andblogging service. Well, we listened, we developed and now we’re announcing them!

Web-JIVE Does Blogging!

Do you want to rank well in the search engine result pages? Let Web-JIVE create a professional, customized web blog that reflects the branding for your business while keeping your online marketing current, relevant, and searchable!

Blogs are one  great way to get Google to index your site more frequently, which in turn helps your organic rankings. We can make sure a blog is added to your website every month, week, or more often if you require. We will set up your blog (if you don’t have one already), create content (usually 250 plus words) and publish it to the web.

The blog will then be checked by an automated Google SEO ranking tool on a scale of 1-100 for SEOoptimization. Our targeted goal is a score of 85 but, we often obtain a score of 100.

Included, promoting your information via Twitter and Facebook

We can also set up your Twitter and Facebook account (if you don’t already have one), then create and post a “tweet” (Twitter) and “share” (Facebook) every time we publish your blog.  Each ‘tweet” and “share” will be based on the content of the most current blog we created for you. To learn more about pricing and features, visit our Blogging Service Web Page.

Web-JIVE Does Email Marketing!

Web-JIVE now offers email marketing services which connect you directly with your customers!

Why email marketing? Because it works!  Don’t take our word for it, read this article to see why. The benefits are too great to pass up on inexpensive, direct to your customer, informative newsletters. Read our blog on “Email Marketing, And How You Can Benefit” to learn more about our approach to email marketing newsletters.

What’s included?

  • 250-500 words per newsletter including articles/calendars/graphics or we can reuse your latest blog, if you wish
  • Re-use articles created by ghost writers, we format, proof, add graphics, check SEO, etc.
  • Add a calendar of events provided by you
  • Format the newsletter with your company header or logo
  • Add your contact information to each edition
  • Insert company announcements provided by you (recent awards, or customer acknowledgements, employee anniversaries, etc…)
  • All newsletters include links back to your site
  • A great way to promote discount codes and/or specials
  • We provide extensive reporting like click-thrus, open rates, bounce tracking and more
  • Push to Facebook and Twitter for free
  • We can insert ratings and reviews upon request to get feedback from your clients (this is just more than R&R, this is a system you manage)
  • and more..

To learn more about pricing and features, visit our Email Marketing Web Page.