After a lot of playing with new designs, we have finally settled on a web design that works well with all browser variants.  Over the past few months, we have been experimenting with new designs for the Web-JIVE site.  The last design was a beautiful dark design with rotating background images which were rotated depending on the time of day.

The problem with that last design was with Internet Explorer 6..  This is where we soon hit a wall with an older browser where we just could not get that design to pan out.  Hopefully, everyone will upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or latter which solves this challenge.  There is hope!  Internet Explorer 8 is promising strict HTML and CSS standards support which puts it back in the game.

For now, a better browsing alternative is Safari for Windows and Mac or Firefox 3.x for Windows and Mac.  Either of these browsers render sites correctly showing websites where Internet Explorer 6 has problems.

We will also post news about companies that have come aboard with Web-JIVE so that all of our clients have the opportunity to learn more about each other.  Who knows, you may even find that you have a business need and one of our clients has a service or product that helps!

If you haven’t done so, Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 so that your assured a safer browsing experience.