Total Outreach for Christ is another great site built by Web-JIVE and is both information driven and interactive for visitors.  Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas and founded by Robert E. Smith, Sr., Bishop, this church, this outreach center, is totally committed to reaching the world for Christ.

The Total Outreach site utilizes many tools in order to create and maintain its content, offer purchasable materials to visitors, and provide a calendar that keeps a current listing of events. offers it all; inspiring messages of hope, available eBooks, tapes, and videos, an informative event calendar which lists the many outreach programs offered and web links to other spirit-filled ministry sites.

Another unique portion of the site is their online prayer center where you can listen and/or read about the needs of others, offer your spiritual support and love, and inform others of your own needs for their love and heartfelt prayers.  Feel free to take a look around.  This is a truly spiritual and uplifting site!