Web-JIVE announces new products and services! | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreWeb-JIVE.com announces new products and services!

Coming in April 2010, Online  Training Videos and Classroom Training!

Stay tuned for more information on these new services… Now Offering – Content Updating and Blogging services!

Content Updating – At Web-JIVE, we realize that most of our customers are busy managing their business and simply do not have time to stay on top of their web content.  With our new Content Updating service you can focus on what you do best…running your business, while we handle all your content update needs.

Web-JIVE can input your updates to articles, pages, photos, products, etc. in a fraction of the time it would take you or someone on your staff to do it! Web-JIVE can also perform a complete site review and recommend areas to update or change.  When a site uses a tool like our portfolio, which has examples of work completed, it really should be kept current with information on the recent work  completed or even work that is in progress.  If a site contains time sensitive information, like a calendar of events, or announcements about upcoming events, it should be updated to keep the most current and relevant information in front of it’s audience.  Nowadays, most people will go online to check out a company’s website and review it’s products and services before they ever make contact with that company.  If that site has dated information, it implies a lack of new information to share.  This could drive that potential customer to the next link in their online search.

Blogging – A blog is usually an area on a website that is dedicated to regular, brief updates and discussions.  Some companies use a blog to discuss topics related specifically to their business or line of products.  Some use a blog to solicit feedback from followers on any number of subjects, or to discuss upcoming events.  The important thing here is that many companies use a blog as a means of communicating with their followers, and are seeing much success with it!  Web-JIVE’s Blogging service is a way for you to utilize this tool without exhausting the man hours to keep it running and current.  Let Web-JIVE handle the ongoing entries, while you guide us on the content.  Our staff will write the blog, you can review it, then we post it on your site.  Give us a call today to see how your company can use this awesome tool to drive your business forward!