Web-JIVE is committed to helping you grow your business and utilize your website to it’s fullest potential.

One main consideration for any website owner, is your site’s ability to generate traffic.  Existing customers and/or site visitors are one element, while potential clients are another.  Old and out-dated site content is one sure way to drive your site visitors to other sites.  But new and interesting content and tools on the site (like a Blog) help attract new and return visitors and they will keep coming back for more!

As a site owner, your ability to extend your boundaries can affect your site’s success.  Continually enhancing the site with new content and new tools is one certain way to succeed on the internet!  What is important to your current and potential clients?  New content can include information on new products or services on the market that would interest your audience, or news items that affect your business or the way your clients do business.  Add-on tools are available that can add so much dimension and value to your site.  A blog is only one example of tools you can utilize to make your site stand out.  These tools will be discussed in depth in upcoming blogs and newsletters.  So stay tuned!

Below, we’ve attached recent Web-JIVE blogs regarding website traffic, the importance of current information, and blogging to promote your site.  Take a look!

Utilizing blogs to update and promote your site

Web-JIVE Newsletter - Vol. 2 | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreAs a Web-JIVE customer, you have many tools and applications at your disposal that can help you keep your site dynamic and current.  These tools allow you to advertise upcoming events, discuss issues and news specific to your business, announce specials, and post examples of products and/or work performed so potential customers can see what you offer.  This is just a small sampling of the tools available to you!  We will cover some of these tools, in depth, in upcoming blogs.

Lets start with blogging.  Blogs are becoming one of the most popular tools that companies are utilizing to promote their name and products/services.  As a customer of Web-JIVE, you have a basic blogging tool included with your site.

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Is your website getting all the traffic it should?

Web-JIVE Newsletter - Vol. 2 | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreAs business owners, one of the first things we often do, is forget to promote our website like we do other areas of our business.   In order to attract potential customers and ultimately sell your products or services, your website URL (“www.web-jive.com“, for example) needs to be on every promotional tool you use.

Business cards, flyers, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, and all other forms of print media should include your URL.  Yellow page listings, billboards, and newspaper and magazine ads should too.  Be sure to include your URL on promotional items like pens, coffee mugs, and mouse pads.  The more a consumer sees your web address, the more likely they are to remember it and check it out when they are shopping for your product or service.  Another thing this exposure helps with is, word-of-mouth business, the best kind.

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Review your site content – Can Web-Jive help?

Web-JIVE Newsletter - Vol. 2 | Little Rock SEO Agency, Web Design, Hosting and moreAs a business owner, you want to ensure that the message your company promotes is current and relevant.  This is an easy task for many of the tools you use every day, like business cards and magazine ads.

But what about your website?  Websites tend to be “overlooked” in so many companies when it comes to advertising updates.  For the vast majority of companies, an overall site check up including every page/article, product, etc. should be performed every 30 to 60 days.

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