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Who doesn’t want their business to outshine others and not get overshadowed by competitors and negative remarks by the unknown faces behind the screens. To protect and highlight your brand name and reputation in the online world Online Reputation Management is the key to success. One of the pioneer firms in the industry Online Reputation Management is the solution to all your ORM problems. Our Online reputation management team has in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you utilize the reputation management tools most effectively. Our online reputation specialists have addressed some of the most asked questions about online management reputation below:

Q) What is Online Reputation Management(ORM)?

Online Reputation Management is a continuous act of maintaining a positive image of your brand across the internet. The process made sure that the positive remarks are highlighted more than the negative ones. ORM lets you follow strategic management and handling the customers technically to maintain 5-star reviews under your name. This method is not as easy as it sounds you need professionals to handle it for you.

Q) How long does an online repair take?

Online reputation requires time and effort to bring change. Every case is different therefore various factors have to be considered to give the exact time limit such as where do you lie in Google ranking or how long will it take to replace the negative content with the positive ones etc. Miracles do not happen in a day but changes can be seen within 6 to 12 months.

Q) What is the cost of ORM?

The cost of ORM services depends on negative mentions on the internet, the popularity of the sites where negative remarks are mentioned, what is the status of your online presence such as blogs, websites, social media presence, etc. Some brands just need minor changes and the job is done but in uncertain cases, drastic and immediate measures are needed. The cost may lie from $3000 to $10,000 per month. But the cost may increases or decrease based on the services you need.

Q) Can the negative reviews be removed?

Removing the negative review is a hectic task, therefore, we suggest you collect more positive reviews as possible and build the finest customer relation and communication. These strategic plans help you overshadowed the negative talk about you in the market. Our best public relations firm online solves the root cause of the negative reviews to not be bothered by them again in the future. Contact our team to have more comprehensive and proficient solutions for your problems.

Q) What techniques do you use?

From countless techniques and methods, we employed them based on the case at hand. If it’s possible to push down the negative remarks about your brand we consider it first. Secondly removing Google’s search results and lastly managing the online reviews to reflect a better image of your brand. Creating a positive image social media plays a significant role so that can also be used in your favor.

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