What a fun ride this year with all the great new products (i.e. JumpStart, Free Seminars, etc.)! With all that that behind us, it’s time to take some much needed time off for R&R.

While the office is still open and the phones still being answered, Eric Caldwell (CEO) and his family will be headed to Florida for a week long trip. Once we’re back, we’ll post some photos and updates about more exciting services we’ll be rolling out this year.

In the mean time, we have some new blogs rolling out this week and next so stay tuned, and have a profitable week!

Social Networking and your website

facebookWhile most people still use Social Networking services (SNS) mainly for personal use, business focused online social networking services are becoming more popular.  Dating, old friend look-ups, and party announcements are just a few of the more personal pursuits people seek on web sites like Facebook and MySpace.  But some social networking services can prove to be powerful tools for businesses — especially independent entrepreneurs and smaller companies, where each new personal connection is a significant business building block.  Social Networking Services that facilitate business-oriented connections, are now providing better connectivity than ever before.  As the popularity of SNS sites grows, so does their value.  Basically, a larger number of contacts means a better chance for productive connections.

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Facebook – How you can use this powerful tool to help your business

facebookFacebook has two types of pages. The first is Facebook Pages, which allows public figures and/or businesses a space to share information, interact with their fans and create an interactive forum. The other, Groups, is more focused on a shared interest. Unlike Pages, Groups have a 5000-member limit. Pages can tie in with your account, while Groups stand alone. Facebook Pages has the tendancy to work better for businesses; Groups do well for non-profits, interests and causes.

While Pages would seem to be the better option for most businesses, they’re really geared toward well-known brands. In this post, we will attempt to explain how a small or one-person business can create an effective Facebook Page.

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