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seo Nanaimo

seo Nanaimo

What is SEO in Nanaimo, BC?

First, seo stands for search engine optimisation and is a concept that focuses on improving your rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo for search terms that relate to your business. As your potential customers are searching online looking for services like the ones that you offer, search engines have to choose which websites show up first, second, third etc. There is a positive correlation between showing up first on a search and users clicking your website and checking out what you have to offer. So, organic seo is the process of improving your odds of showing up first on Google.


What is a Seo Website Audit and How Does it Effect Seo?

A website audit is a process that takes a look at a snapshot of your web marketing. So if you do a website audit, it will provide analysis for that particular day on your website. Things change, so its very possible for a website audit to have slight differences from day to day depending on many factors. Website audits usually include a computer scan that looks for broken links, proper use of robots.txt, proper rel-cannonical tags, 301 redirects, 302 redirect, crawl errors, meta refresh, mobile friendliness and many other factors that are important to seo.

What is Involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

Organic seo consists of link building, content optimisation and keyword targeting strategy. That may sound simple, but its very involved, complex and needs to be completely re-evaluated through analysis of your rankings, competitors, click through-rates. If you are looking for seo in Nanaimo then give 123 Marketing a call. We have reasonable rates and work hard to deliver value so that your marketing budget is paying for itself every month.

seo Nanaimo
seo Nanaimo
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seo Nanaimo seo Nanaimo seo Nanaimo