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SEO Plugin
5 Reasons You Need an SEO Plugin

With SEO plugins, webmasters can simplify the entire SEO process by optimizing specific elements in their site's code to make it easily crawlable by search engines. Curious as to how SEO plugins will benefit you? Keep reading. 

1. Optimize Meta Data with SEO Plugins

When publishing content to your site, the meta description and page title will appear in search engine results and in your page's code. Without the right SEO plugin, it can be hard to take advantage of optimizing this content. These two things are an important aspect of your SEO and should be specifically targeted for optimization. 

With a free plugin, you'll find that you are prompted to enter this information yourself, rather than the plugin generating the content for you. Once you purchase a more advanced plugin, you can quickly add the correct metadata to every page on your site. These plugins ensure that each page has truly unique content, allowing search engines to rank your site well. 

2. SEO Plugins Improve Sharing to Social Media

SEO plugins are also an excellent way for companies to boost their social media content through something known as Open Graph. Open Graph works as a social media translator for content that has been optimized for SEO. Through Open Graph, social media sites can translate meta descriptions and tags into content people can easily view and share on social media platforms. 

3. Focus on Relevant Linking with SEO Plugins

Links are a powerful way to tailor your content for optimization. With a plugin like The SEO Plugin, you are guaranteed to see practices for relevant linking throughout your content. With this linking, your content will be able to measure up to Google's algorithm, allowing your content to rank higher for specific keywords. 

4. The Right Plugins Provide Keyword Research

One of the more challenging aspects of creating content for SEO is performing the keyword research. Individuals looking for a quick fix with a free plugin are often disappointed when they realize they have to do their own keyword research. Comparatively, when using the best plugins, users will be able to rely on these plugins for excellent keyword research. 

The SEO Plugin chooses the right keywords based on your site's current rankings, competitors' rankings, the keyword search volume, and other metrics. This feature is one of the more important characteristics of a plugin, as it takes the difficulty out of designing content for SEO. Additionally, clients interested in this plugin can receive a free consultation to discuss pushing their site to the forefront of the most popular search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 

5. Additional Functions of SEO Plugins

Other areas to use SEO plugins on your site include the structure and site code, such as the XML sitemap, canonical elements, .htaccess, and robots.txt. Typically, these elements can only be optimized by someone that is highly experienced with coding. However, thanks to the best plugins, anyone can take full advantage of SEO. 

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