In what started out to be another local web design and development project soon turned out to be an unexpected culinary delight and surprise.

This web project started off like most with great conversation and ideas on how they wanted their website presented and soon progressed into much more including SEO services.

After putting a couple of weeks in into the project, my wife and I decided to pay Sushi Cafe a visit for dinner just to change things up a bit.  What can I say but, WOW!

We had one of the best sushi meals we’ve had in a long time.  The menu was expansive compared to other local sushi restaurants we often visit. The atmosphere and service were great and the menu covered all the bases from steaks to hot dogs for the not-so-sushi friends and large sushi and roll selection.

The sushi was some of the freshest I’ve had in a long time which was surprising considering I had never heard of this restaurant before. Once we finished our meal, we had a talk with the owner Robert Tju about our impressions and he shared some information that answered the question as to why the fish seemed so fresh.  What we soon discovered is that the Sushi cafe has its selections flow in fresh from Hawaii via FedEx unfrozen.

Once the chefs receive the fish, it’s unpacked quickly and the preparation begins.  I may be wrong on how I interpreted this but, according to Robert, one of the ways they separate themselves from the pack is they purchase fresh fish off the boat and once unboxed,  fillet and prepare it on site. The sushi doesn’t come to them in neatly cut blocks either, they still have to clean it themselves.  Yum…

So, if you’re in Little Rock Arkansas anytime soon and you’re in the mood for some great sushi, look no further than Sushi Cafe.

5823 Kavanaugh Blvd.
Little Rock, AR. 72207
(501) 663-9888