isoBud is a new site designed by Web-JIVE which markets and sells this great new product!  The isoBuds product were created to improve listening to earbuds. They improve the comfort and fit of earbuds which allows for less frustration and better sound.  One main issue with standard earbuds for many people, is that they experience “earbud fallout” while they are exercising or even reading.  With isoBuds, users no longer have these issues! isoBuds are designed to mold to your ear as they warm to your body temperature, creating excellent fit and a better listening experience.

“You can’t shake ’em out. You just have to take ’em out”

In addition to the great fit and feel, isoBuds provides another key benefit that many users have not considered.  isoBuds block out background noise with their unique design.  isoBuds actually allow a listener to actually turn down the volume and enjoy the music at lower levels. Lower listening levels are better for preserving long term hearing.  isoBuds fit ipods, iphone earphones and most other MP3 earphones.

IsoBuds protect earbuds from dirt and sweat. They can easily be removed and cleaned with alcohol or soap. Other earbuds are made from silicone which deteriorates over time. IsoBuds are made from a more suitable material and do not deteriorate when worn or cleaned. They are virtually indestructible!

Go to the isoBuds site today, and check them out!  You will be happy you did!