smartvetSmart Vet ( ) is a site created by Web-JIVE and Creative Instinct .  This company has developed an innovative insecticide delivery system, which provides ranchers with a new way to apply pour-on without handling cattle  This product, called VetCap, has been designed by cattle ranchers for cattle ranchers. VetCap requires no herding or corralling, and reduces handling stress by administering pour-on in the field.

Smart Vet has been an innovator in large animal health for 5 years. It is a company co-founded by a 4th generation cattle rancher to find simple and logical solutions to everyday problems.

Web-JIVE designed this website, utilizing several tools which allow Smart Vet to communicate everything from company information to announcements about upcoming events.  Site tools provide Smart Vet with a way to share descriptive and educational videos to site visitors, links to Smart Vet’s social media tools (Twitter and Facebook), links to recent news articles involving the cattle industry, and much more!

Check out this great site to learn more about their company and products.  Also, take a look at “Our Services” on the Web-JIVE home page to get more information about how you can get a new website, or to learn more about the services we provide!